About Us
JRD Optics Industry Co., Ltd is a 7 years professional mouse,Website:, keyboard and 3D Glasses manufacturer with Head Office located in Shenzhen and Factory located in Luoding City, GuangDong Province. We have more than 300 employees, including 12 professional sales, 5 professional engineers, 4 QA/QC, more than 200 workers, 4 production lines and 2 IC assemble lines. Our products are including USB wired Optical Mouse, wireless mouse, USB wired keyboard, Bluetooth Keyboard, Mini Keyboard for ipad, 3D glasses including plastic 3D glasses and Paper 3D glasses We Support OEM / ODM business all over the world. Welcome to contact with us!
Products and services
Optical Mouse, USB Wired Mouse, Wireless Mouse, USB wired Keyboard, Mini Bluetooth Keyboard, 3D glasses